Polish Offshore Bank gives custom-made abundance the executives administrations to assist with developing, oversee, and safeguard your riches. From entrepreneurs and pioneers to families and trustees, we've been helping individuals to take advantage of their resources for over 45years

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Whatever stage of life you’re at, we can guide you through the opportunities and challenges you face. Your investment goals may be different, but here are some examples of the sort of questions our wealth planners can help you answer.Join our program and learn to save wisely ahead for your future. Funds won't be available still target date is reached.

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Preserve asset program

How you structure the responsibility for abundance today can influence your family for a long time into the future. For over 45 years, we've been helping our customers establish the framework for their future abundance.

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Reliable asset program

Join our program and learn to invest on asset. Earn from buying, selling and exchanging assets. Asset can also be transferred within platform. The value of asset changes every 1hour based on live market prices

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Easy access to loan

We charge 10% of loaned amount as interest fee. Balance must exceed or equal to 50% of loaned amount as collateral. Participation in save 4 me & PY scheme will not be allowed until loan is paid.

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